Festivals & Fairs

Festivals and fairs bring communities together, provide education and professional development opportunities, offer a public forum for artistic and cultural expression, help charities meet annual fundraising goals, and allow sport enthusiasts to face new challenges. But most importantly, they’re the perfect place to have a good time.

The logistics required to organize a festival or fair can be overwhelming at the best of times and Rebel Tents would like to help bear some of the load. If you are organizing a festival or fair we can work with you every step of the way; we offer free site evaluations, free 3D layouts, free permit acquisition consultation, help establishing electrical requirements, or coordinating with water closet and sanitation providers. But if you have all those things covered (and kudos to you!), then we are happy to just set up the tents.

Don’t expose yourself to the elements, rent a tent for your event today!

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